Runes and Rune tiers

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Runes and Rune tiers

Post by WolfSmasher on Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:14 pm

There are many different types of Runes (Not even joking, there is a fucking LOT of them). Although you can only start with a common one, there are many others out there to be found or bought. If you're wondering if a Rune is common, unique or true, ask me.

List of all Runes.


Common Runes

The common Runes are ones like fire, water, earth, wind, and lightning, as well as others. These are ones that can be seen used in various ways other than combat, such as using water Runes to steer boats and make them go faster, using a fire Rune to perform a circus act, using a wind Rune to cool people down on a hot day; in general, it's not unusual to see someone with a Rune of this type.


Unique Runes

Unique Runes tend to be the type that are above average in what they do, but are rare to the point that you'll only ever run into one user of these. They can do many different things, such as turn you from a human into an animal, improve accuracy with weapons, increase your running speed, and even call upon the powers of light itself.


True Runes

True Runes are the end-all, ultimate Runes, there being only 27 in the world. They're the absolute strongest, and aren't tossed around, usually reserved only for the highest nobles and the most powerful kings, or locked in dangerous and ancient ruins. If you possess one, you're feared and respected by everyone.

List of true Runes.
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