Leveling, money, and weapon upgrading

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Leveling, money, and weapon upgrading

Post by WolfSmasher on Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:42 pm

Like an RPG, there will be a level and money system in this RP. Unless you can provide a reason otherwise, all player characters start at 5.


Benefits of leveling

Every 5 levels, you unlock the character's next attack for their equipped Runes and increases the effectiveness of the abilities they already have. You also stand a better chance of beating an enemy more easily if you're around their level or higher than them. Every level, you need to get 1000 EXP to level, it getting harder to get to 1000 every time, obviously.



The currency in the Suikoden world is Potch. You start with 5000. It can be gained in all the traditional RPG ways such as killing monsters, doing quests, etc; as well as other ways like gambling, stealing, winning war battles, adventuring, and more.


Weapon upgrades

In Suikoden, you don't get new weapons as you progress. You take it to a smith and have it upgraded to the next level. All weapons for the main characters will start at level 1, and it can be upgraded to a maximum of 16 times. It gains a new appearance and name at levels 7 and 13. I'll let you decide on what those are.
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