108 Stars of Destiny

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108 Stars of Destiny

Post by WolfSmasher on Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:56 pm

In Suikoden, there are a total of 108 total recruit-able characters to find. All of them will be listed here.

* Tenkai Star (Chief Star of Heaven):
* Tengou Star (Star of Conflagration):
* Tenki Star (Star of Wisdom):
* Tenkan Star (Star of Idleness):
* Tenyu Star (Star of Bravery):
* Tenyu Star (Star of Heroic Ferocity):
* Tenmou Star (Star of Swift Courage):
* Teni Star (Star of Majesty):
* Tenei Star (Heroic Star):
* Tenki Star (Lofty Star):
* Tenfu Star (Star of Wealth):
* Tenman Star (Star of Abundance):
* Tenko Star (Lone Star):
* Tensyo Star (Wounded Star):
* Tenritsu Star (Star of the Standing Spear):
* Tensyo Star (The Swift Star):
* Tenan Star (Dark Star):
* Tenyu Star (Guardian Star):
* Tenku Star (Empty Star):
* Tensoku Star (Speedy Star):
* Teni Star (Strange Star):
* Tensatsu Star (Murderous Star):
* Tenbi Star (Lowly Star):
* Tenkyu Star (Lewd Star):
* Tentai Star (Retreating Star):
* Tenjyu Star (Star of Longevity):
* Tenken Star (Dagger Star):
* Tenhei Star (Leveled Star):
* Tenzai Star (Star of Sin):
* Tenson Star (Broken Star):
* Tenpai Star (The Vanquished Star):
* Tenrou Star (The Goal Star):
* Tensui Star (Star of Intelligence):
* Tenbou Star (Savage Star):
* Tenkoku Star (Wailing Star):
* Tenkou Star (Clever Star):
* Chikai Star (Chief Star of Earth):
* Chisatsu Star (Violent Star):
* Chiyu Star (The Brave Star):
* Chiketsu Star (Star of Noble Wisdom):
* Chiyu Star (The Heroic Star):
* Chii Star (The Majestic Star):
* Chiei Star (Star of Courage):
* Chiki Star (The Strange Star):
* Chimou Star (The Ferocious Star):
* Chibun Star (The Learned Star):
* Chisei Star (The Guileless Star):
* Chikatsu Star (The Eminent Star):
* Chitou Star (The Folding Star):
* Chikyou Star (The Strong Star):
* Chian Star (The Strong Star):
* Chiziku Star (The Axis Star):
* Chikai Star (The Star of Gathering):
* Chisa Star (The Aiding Star):
* Chiyu Star (The Helpful Star):
* Chirei Star (The Clever Star):
* Chijyu Star (The Beast Star):
* Chibi Star (The Least Star):
* Chikyu Star (The Intelligent Star):
* Chibaku Star (The Barbarous Star):
* Chizen Star (The Silent Star):
* Chikou Star (The Wild Star):
* Chikyou Star (The Star of Ambition):
* Chihi Star (The Flying Star):
* Chisou Star (The Walking Star):
* Chikou Star (The Cunning Star):
* Chimei Star (The Clear Star):
* Chisin Star (The Forward Star):
* Chitai Star (The Retreating Star):
* Chiman Star (The Full Star):
* Chisui Star (The Fulfilled Star):
* Chisyu Star (The Complete Star):
* Chiin Star (The Hidden Star):
* Chii Star (The Peculiar Star):
* Chiri Star (The Star of Justice):
* Chisyun Star (The Elegant Star):
* Chiraku Star (The Star of Music):
* Chitatsu Star (The Quick Star):
* Chisoku Star (The Star of Haste):
* Chichin Star (The Supressing Star):
* Chikei Star (The Halted Star):
* Chima Star (The Devil Star):
* Chiyou Star (The Magic Star):
* Chiyu Star (The Obscure Star):
* Chifuku Star (The Hiding Star):
* Chihi Star (The Orphan Star):
* Chiku Star (The Empty Star):
* Chiko Star (The Lonely Star):
* Chizen Star (The Finished Star):
* Chitan Star (The Short Star):
* Chikaku Star (The Corner Star):
* Chisyu Star (The Prisoned Star):
* Chizou Star (The Hoarding Star):
* Chihei Star (The Smooth Star):
* Chison Star (The Wounded Star):
* Chido Star (The Serving Star):
* Chisatsu Star (The Searching Star):
* Chiaku Star (The Fierce Star):
* Chisyu Star (The Ugly Star):
* Chisu Star (The Mathematic Star):
* Chiin Star (The Shadowy Star):
* Chikei Star (The Avenging Star):
* Chisou Star (The Strong Star):
* Chiretsu Star (The Inferior Star):
* Chiken Star (The Mighty Star):
* Chimou Star (The Rat Star):
* Chizoku Star (The Thieving Star):
* Chikou Star (The Dog Star):
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